Polinode is a Powerful Tool Designed Specifically for Organisational Network Analysis

You have probably heard about organisational network analysis - it's a tool for truly understanding and then improving the way that organisations function. It's about understanding the way that work is really getting done. Rather than abstracting away complexity as we do with traditional org charts we embrace it and understand the organisation as a complex, evolving network. Polinode is a tool designed specifically for this kind of analysis. It's 100% browser-based, secure and allows you to easily run an organisational network analysis and then visualise and analyse the results in one integrated tool. If you would like to get started with Polinode simply click on the button below or, if you would like to learn more about how we can help you run an organisational network analysis, scroll down to read about some of our features and benefits.     


Integrated Tool for Real-Time Organisational Network Analysis

With Polinode it's easy to get started - simply clone a template relationship-based survey or start from a blank slate. These surveys are like standard surveys but allow you to ask relationship questions such as "Who do you go to for advice?", "Who do you view as a mentor?" or "Who would you like more access to?". You will see your completed responses as they come in then, when you are ready, simply click a button to interactively explore the network data that you have collected for the organisation. 

Over 20 Different Metrics

Polinode is both easy to use and incredibly powerful. When you explore network data you are able to calculate a range of metrics including metrics that allow you to understand influence (i.e. centrality) in the network as well as bridging (i.e. betweenness). You can also automatically detect communities in the network and filter, size or colour by any metric at all. This functionality allows you to view and analyse an organisation like never before!


Share Your Results and analysis Easily

In Polinode you can save "views" which are a set of metrics and settings. This allows you to come back to your network analysis later and also to share your insights with others easily. All networks for surveys in Polinode are secure and private but it's easy to grant access to another user when you need to so that you can collaborate and work together. Best of all, since Polinode is 100% web-based, there are now downloads required and it's easy to get started.   

There's a lot more to Polinode than the above! The best way to learn more is to join our over 3,000 users and start using our powerful tool for organisational network analysis. We have a template survey that you can clone and customise or you can write your own. To get started, simply click the button below, sign-up for an account and you'll be up in running in less than 30 seconds.