You Can Now Share your Networks With the World!

Polinode is all about networks and network data, so it should come as no surprise that enabling you to efficiently share networks that you’ve created with others (i.e. with your network) has always been a priority for us. As of today, you can make any network a public network and then share a link to your network and anyone will then be able to visualise and explore your data.  The easiest way of thinking about this functionality is ‘Gephi in the cloud’ combined with ‘Github for networks’.

Introducing Polinode: A New Tool For Understanding and Optimizing Organizations via Network Analysis

Today we are thrilled to publicly announce Polinode - a fully integrated tool for mapping, analyzing and visualizing relationships within organisations. It’s now straightforward to collect information like who works with whom, who do people go to for technical advice and what mentor/mentee relationships exist?

The key to Polinode is it’s flexibility - you can literally ask any question at all. Because of this flexibility, the applications for Polinode are limited only by your imagination. Some areas though where this kind of organizational network analysis is particularly helpful include: change management, identifying emerging talent, improving communication, succession planning, onboarding of new team members and mergers and acquisition integration.