New Features: New Metrics, Improved Labels, Simplified API and More

We really appreciate all the terrific suggestions for new features and improvements that have been provided recently! Today we are announcing that a number of new features have recently gone live: three new metrics, improved visual appearance of labels, a new simplified version of our API, the ability to save node positions when saving survey views and the ability to isolate a nodes edges by type. Below we describe each one of these five improvements.

Announcing an Integration Between Polinode and NodeXL Pro

Today we are thrilled to jointly announce with the Social Media Research Foundation,
developers of NodeXL, that NodeXL Pro now directly exports to Polinode Networks. This is a
very powerful integration and one that many users have asked for over the last few years. If you
haven’t come across NodeXL before, it’s a popular Excel add-in that supports social network
analysis. NodeXL Pro is the paid version of NodeXL and supports the collection of data from
social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The bottom line is that by using this direct integration you can now collect social network data
directly from these social networks without writing a line of code and then export that data
directly into Polinode. Polinode is a browser-based tool for visualising and analysing network
data - one of the key attractions of using Polinode is that, because it’s browser-based, it’s easy
to share and collaborate on the analysis of social network data.